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In the Community

Warriors Community Programs

The Michigan Warriors takes pride in their community and strives to make every effort to be an integral part of it. Below are some of the in-house programs that link the Warriors with the local community.







Michigan Warriors Teddy Bear Toss 2012

The Michigan Warriors are giving back to those in need this holiday season. The players and staff visited children in the Hurley Medical Center’s Pediatrics Facility to hand out teddy bears that their fans donated at the Annual Teddy Bear toss.
Hurley Medical Center is a proud partner with the Michigan Warriors.  For more information about Hurley Medical Center, please visit
The following day, in conjunction with The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, and Richfield Public School Academy, the Warriors participated in the 3rd Annual Food Distribution at Richfield Public School Academy.

Warriors help in Food Drive 2012

Members of the Michigan Warriors helped out and assisted with a food drive at a local elementary school on October 25, 2012.  A food truck was at the Richfield Public School Academy to provide meals to community families who may not have a fresh meal this time of year and for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Over 500 homes in the area, as well as, family members of children in need who attend the school were informed of the food giveaway, and the Michigan Warriors players volunteered their efforts to help distribute the food.

“We were honored to continue this annual tradition of helping those in the area that are less fortunate and our players really stepped up in helping out," said Warriors’ head coach Moe Mantha. “The guys really enjoy helping out and I was really proud of them.  It really gives all of them a true dose of reality.  They realize after helping out with something like this that there is more to life than wins and losses.  It tells you a lot about the character we have on the team this year and that we are very thankful for what we have and wanted to give back in some way."

Good Neighbor Day 2012

The Michigan Warriors in partnership with Bentley Florist proudly hosted the 18th annual Good Neighbor Day on September 5, 2012.

Residents of Genesee county had a unique opportunity to meet each other and foster new relationships with neighbors during Good Neighbor Day, now celebrated throughout the US and Canada for 18 years. The Michigan Warriors team helped distribute over 3,500 roses in dozen bundles absolutely free to anyone who visited the the Bentley Florist shop.

Steve Welch, owner of Bentley Florist, had one catch for the free dozen roses, that is anyone who picks up roses were asked to sign a promise to keep one rose for themselves and give the other 11 roses away to different people.

Bentley Florist and the Michigan Warriors goal was to create a friendlier, more caring and compassionate world starting right here in our community.

Michigan Warriors Head Coach Moe Mantha was excited to participate. “We pride ourselves in our community involvement, and we are excited to participate in such a community friendly event”.